Our Team

Our Founder

Passionate about children - Nurturing children - Teaching according to each child’s ability

EduCare4u was founded by Ms Alvina Khoo, an active community leader who volunteered for three years with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), supporting the welfare of 60 Vietnamese children and orphans in Singapore. The children kept in contact with her many years after they had been properly resettled. To be able to provide emotional support to these children has made her passionate about the education business. It has made Alvina realise students studying overseas require not only material comforts but also the care and concern of a family setting.

In 2002, Alvina’s business associates in Indonesia and Thailand planned to send their children to study in Singapore. They wanted someone trustworthy to look after their children while they lived and worked in their home countries. Through strong word of mouth referrals, Alvina received the request to become the guardian of their children. Thereafter, these parents recommended Alvina to other parents and D'Student Educare Services was set up, the predecessor of EduCare4u, to provide guardianship and care for foreign students.

Ms Alvina Khoo is a Masters graduate from the University of Hull UK(MBA) with 15 years’ managerial experience in the travel and hotel industry. Also an ex-school teacher, she is a member of Singapore’s key business associations and ex-Vice Chairman of the School Advisory Committee of Woodlands Ring Secondary School (WRS), Ministry of Education.

Transforming her passion and care for students into her career, Ms Alvina Khoo set up a system of family-style education and tuition and guardianship, with support from the foreign students and their parents. The hardships of studying alone overseas worry parents and EduCare4u's system allows students to be taken care of in the areas of studies and living, for them to grow to be independent under supervision, alleviating the worries of parents.

At present, under the guidance of Ms Alvina Khoo, the company has developed into a professional boutique organization in educating and managing students. As we value our quality of service over quantity, our organization only provides top-notch service to a limited number of students and parents.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are carefully selected and professionally-trained. They are Singaporean tutors with many years of teaching experience and are familiar with the Singapore education system. Not only do they excel at teaching academically, they also emphasize character development of the student.

We screen our tutors to ensure teaching effectiveness. Here are examples of quality control for our tutors:


Observe personal hygiene and good manners
Prepare lessons beforehand
Counsel, encourage and motivate
Give feedback on student’s performances
Be tactful in handling sensitive children
Focus strongly on explaining concepts and principles


Do not just assign work and ask students to do
Do not use handphones during lessons
Do not ask personal questions
Do not give excuses to cancel/postpone lessons