Our Mission

All-Rounded Education - Communication - Trust

We believe in quality teaching and the continual renewal of teaching methods. We emphasize the academic abilities and professionalism of our tutors. We perform stringent selection of tutors and provide training for tutors to handle students with weak foundation. In addition, we teach according to the ability of the students and create learning plans according to their standard. Our tutors encourage and counsel students, which is more effective in developing their passion towards studies than spoon-feeding.

We not only monitor the academic performance of students, we also emphasize on their character and ability development. For more details, please refer to Guardianship.

We believe in the building of trust and communication with our clients. As such, we encourage students and parents to participate fully in important decisions making, to make the best plans for the children’s future. Therefore, we provide information and suggestions to give transparency to students and parents. In the area of learning, we provide regular reports to parents on the learning attitude, progress and behaviour of students as well as the actions we have undertaken. We believe that only with the parents, students and our tutors working together, can we achieve the best results and realise the full potential of the students.

For more details, please refer to Services.