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EduCare4u is a professional education management company. We provide quality and comprehensive education services, including guardianship, homestay, tuition and application of schools for foreign students, trusted by international students since our inception in 2002.

Parents worry about the hardships faced by their children studying overseas in Singapore. Our organized and streamed-lined processes allow the students to be taken care of in their studies and daily living, gradually helping them to be independent under supervision. This gives much needed support to parents and students from overseas.

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Not only do EduCare4u provide academic tutelage services, we also provide a holistic programme that caters to all the basic and developmental needs of foreign students studying in Singapore. Since our inception in 2002, we have been highly recommended by foreign students studying in Singapore.

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Study abroad is a major decision that affects your child's life. This website provides complete information to help you make this decision with your child carefully.

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