Homestay & Guardianship


This personalized service ensures that parents enjoy peace of mind knowing that their child is in good hands while he/she is studying in Singapore.

Personalized services
Private apartment with security and 24 hours CCTV
Safe and warm environment
Bilingual environment
Character and leadership development
Supervision of homework
Conducive learning environment
Placement test
Application of student's pass
Unlimited internet access
Nutritious meals

Living Environment & Culture

Short Introduction of Singapore

The population of Singapore is over 5.12 million (2012) with foreign nationals making up over 25% of the residents. About 3 quarters of the Singapore citizens are Chinese.

Singapore Culture

There are many races in Singapore, mainly Chinese, Malays, Indians, and other races. There are diverse religions in Singapore such as Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. The Chinese in Singapore still observe most of the Chinese traditional customs and festivities.

Singapore Food

Singapore's multi-ethnic culture and heritage has influenced most families in their home-cooking, often serving up a fusion of dishes from different cuisines at each meal. The hawker centres, coffee shops, food courts and restaurants in Singapore have generally good hygiene and cooking standards.

Public Safety in Singapore

It is safe enough in Singapore to return late at night without worry. This is due to our strict laws creating a safe environment for business and living.

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Character Development

Firstly, we get to know the personality, learning attitude and English level of the student. We provide feedback to the parents and monitor his social and dining etiquette and teach him to respect others. We communicate with the student and encourage him to improve. Many of our parents observe the positive changes in their child under our care.

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Tuition & Exam Coaching

Other than guardianship services, everyone of our students receives daily tuition from professional tutors, to help them to overcome the language barrier and difficulties in learning. We do long-term planning for the student’s educational path according to his standard up to university entry. Some of our past students have graduated from renowned universities in USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

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Homestay Experience

Safe and comfortable living environment: Condo-living, 24-hour security, and clean and comfortable environment.
Quiet environment, complete facilities and accessible location.
With our own mini-library of comprehensive range of books plus constant renewal of books.
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Other Services

Airport Transfers
Preparation for entry to government schools (AEIS/S-AEIS) and international schools
Assistance in application for extension of Social Visit Pass
Regular outings/activities
Counselling and mentoring
Educational roadmap consultation
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